Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Ethical practice of the health professions requires consistent and ongoing commitment from all concerned with lifelong learning to update and develop the knowledge, skills and ethical attitudes that underpin competent practice. The Health Professions Councils of Namibia (HPCNA) has committed to a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) system to aspire to excellence in health care provision and delivery. In this spirit of dedication to best practice and a desire to act and serve wisely the Health Professions Councils CPD Committee developed CPD directives to implement the CPD system.

Health Professionals must please note that as of 2010 every Health Professional registered in Namibia will be required to accumulate Continuing Education Units (30 for professional groups and 15 for supplementary groups) per twelve-month period of which at least 5 CEUs should be for ethics, human rights and medical law. The CPD system will be in place for all Councils, as CPD remains an ethical as well as statutory obligation. Health Professionals are requested not to submit their portfolios, unless requested to do so by the CPD Desk.

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