How to lodge a complaint



All persons have the right to good health care such as, but not limited to:

  • Having access to quality healthcare that you can afford.
  • Choosing the healthcare services, you prefer to use.
  • Receiving appropriate treatment from a qualified health practitioner.
  • Having your personal information treated in a confidential manner.
  • Being fully informed about any illness, diagnostic procedures, proposed treatment and related costs.
  • Receiving ongoing care from your chosen health practitioner provided all arrangements are in place.
  • Choosing to accept or refuse treatment.
  • Obtaining a second opinion, when necessary.


The Health Professions Councils of Namibia aim to protect the public through regulated education and practice. It does so by determining standards of professional education and training; and by setting and maintaining the highest standards of professional and ethical behavior of all health practitioners registered with the various Councils. The various Councils are Medical and Dental Council, Allied Health Professions Council, Pharmacy Council, Nursing Council, Social Work and Psychology Council.

The HPCNA has no mandate over health institutions, EXCEPT Pharmacies, but individual practitioners.

What can you complain about?

The HPCNA investigates complaints about any and all grievances from the public against a health practitioner. These include but not limited to the following:

  • -       Unauthorized advertising.
  • -       Incompetence in treating patients.
  • -       Improper treatment of patient.
  • -       Insufficient care towards patients.
  • -       Racial discriminations.
  • -       Improper relationships.
  • -       Improper conduct.
  • -       Performing procedure without the patient’s consent.
  • -       Prescription of specific medicine to maintain the dependency of a patient.
  • -       Disclosing information regarding the patient without his / her consent.
  • -       Promotion of personal qualities of a practitioner.
  • -       Canvassing and touting.
  • -       Publication of health related materials without necessary knowledge.
  • -       Publicly discrediting of another practitioner.
  • -       Improper prescription and dispensing of medicine.

How to lodge a complaint.

  1. All complaints must be in writing and addressed to the Registrar.
  2. The complaint must state clearly the facts and should indicate the following:
  • -       the name of the practitioner, if possible;
  • -       the institution/practice at which the complainant/patient was treated;
  • -       The dates and as far as possible the time of events.
  1. If complaining on behalf of another, the name of the patient, date of birth and gender must be identified.
  2. Complaint should be signed by you or your legal representative or any other person lodging a complaint on your behalf.
  3. Include your full contact details for correspondence purposes.

What HPCNA is mandated to do:

  • The HPCNA is mandated to investigate cases of unprofessional conductagainst the registered practitioners.
  • If the practitioner is not registered or not properly authorized by the Ministry of Health and Social Services, the HPCNA has no mandate over that practitioner.
  • If the practitioner is not registered, then the conducts of that practitioner should be reported to the Namibian Police and a criminal case will be opened against him / her.
  • The HPCNA does not compensate or order a practitioner to compensatemembers of the public for any injuries or losses they might have suffered at the hands of a health practitioner.

Process of handling a complaint

The Complainant Must do the following:

The complainant must lodge a written complaint with the Registrar of the Council. The letter of complaint must be signed by the complainant. Please note that: the complaint letter may be made available to the practitioner or his/her legal representative. For authenticity, it is advisable that the complaint letter be drafted in a form of a sworn in statement or signed and witnessed by a Commissioner of Oaths/Justice of Peace/Ex-Officio.

How the complaint is handled?


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