Allied Health Professions Council
From Left to Right: Ms. Dorothy G. Verrinder, Mr Efraim N. Paulus, Ms. Nadia Vermaak, Mr. Linus Ngenomesho, Dr. Elga R. Drews (Vice-President) ,Ms.Cornelia O. G. Afrikaner, Ms. Henriette Maritz, Ms. Irene M. Garthoff, Ms. Belinda R. Tsauses, Mr. Katuna Kamuhanga, Mr. Marchin K. Mouton, Dr Christopher M. Likando, Prof. Cilas J. Wilders(President)
Medical and Dental Council
From Left To Right: Dr Tomas I. Niilenge, Dr Mewawa D. Amukugo, Dr Nguundja U.K. Uamburu(Vice President), Dr Wesley C. Mouton, Dr Theresia S. Shivera, Mr Marthino L. Olivier, Dr Felicia Christians, Dr Kondjela S. Hamunyela, Dr Sarah K. Shalongo, Dr Wilson L. Benjamin(President), Mr Ngamane Kuruaihe-Upi, Dr Josephine N. Amesho
Nursing Council
From Left To Right: Dr Harris P. Masake, Ms Francina Tjituka, Mr William B. //Garoeb, Prof Louise Pretorius (President), Ms Popyeni Shigwedha, Mr Gebhardo S. Timotheus(Vice President), Ms Loini N. Nangombe, In Absentia Mr Petrus K. Shingandji
Pharmacy Council
From Left To Right: Mr Bonifasius Singu (President), Mr Shafimana Shimakeleni, Ms Grace Nakalondo, Ms Blandine Meesher, Ms Frieda Shigwedha, Mr Tuyambeka Mwadingi (Vice- President). In Absentia Ms Fransina Nambahu, Ms Tusano M. Haimbondi
Social Work and Psychology Council
From Left To Right: Ms Ronel Bosch, Ms Virginia O'Malley, Ms Verona Z. Z. Du Preez(President), Ms Helen U.L. Mouton, Ms Asnath K. Kaperu, Ms Atty T. Mwafufya, Dr Shelene G. Gentz(Vice-President), Ms Enjouline L. Kole

Latest notices from HPCNA


Kindly be informed that Councils offices will be closed for business from Friday, the 15th of December 2023at 13h00 until Friday the 5th of January 2023.. Click Here For More


Dear esteemed clients and registrants. Councils would like to inform all healthcare practitioners about the increase in fees payable to the Councils with effect from the 25 th of September 2023 as per fees Gazzette indicate.

Increased fees gazzette..Click here to read more..


Please take note that the venue which was communicated to you for the evaluation which is scheduled for the 10th of November has been changed to :

  • Namibia Institute for Public Administration and Management (NIPAM) – Paul Nash Street – Olympia

The time remains the same 09H00


Please take note that the venue for the upcoming evaluations which are scheduled for the 15th, 16th  and 17th November is at the National Health Training Centre, time 09H00 .

Further enquiries can be directed to Ms. Muballe at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT! The Pharmacy Council hereby announce the publishing of the regulations relating to conducting of business as wholesale pharmacist. Kindly follow this links  to obtain the 1application form for registration of a business as a wholesale pharmacist and 2.the regulation. For any enquiries, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Dear esteemed clients and registrants, Kindly be informed that the registers and rolls for persons registered and enrolled as healthcare practitioners in Namibia can now be accessed online. Please log on the Health Professions Councils of Namibia's website at and click on the e-register tab. The registers will be updated regularly to keep them current.  Please make use of the suggestion box tab for further improvements to registers should that be necessary.


Due to the Covid- 19 State of emergency declared by the Government and... Click here to read more..

NOTICE TO ALL MEDICAL GRADUATES WHO WILL BE SITTING FOR THE PRE-INTERNSHIP EVALUATION SCHEDULED FOR THE 14TH OCTOBER 2020 In preparation for the upcoming pre-internship evaluation which is scheduled for the 14th of October 2020, please see the guidelines and information for your perusal. Click here to read more..

As from the 8 June 2016 medical students enrolled at an educational institution outside Namibia who wish to obtain practical experience or exposure in Namibia and who have successfully completed not less than 3 years medical education must apply to the Medical and Dental Council for registration as medical students before they may be allowed to enter hospital and health facilities in Namibia for such experience or exposure. Equally from the same date all dental graduates will be expected to undergo one year internship as per the attached regulations. Click here to view the regulations

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